About RoadDB

Using vehicle sourcing, RoadDB provides an end-to-end software solution for road data and localization for automated driving systems and ADAS in series production vehicles.

RoadDB data is not just another HD map.  RoadDB has gone beyond conventional mapping and computer vision approaches to distill images of the road into exactly the road data needed by vehicle manufacturers for the vehicle control software of highly automated vehicles:

  • A CAD-like image of the road ahead, with a small data footprint that omits unnecessary points of interest, street names and addresses, and tile structures
  • A robust localization layer that includes a large number of reference points to position the vehicle in its lane with 10 cm relative accuracy laterally and longitudinally

RoadDB’s approach is unlike the approaches of conventional mapmakers and the products for geofenced vehicles such as robotaxis, shuttles, and delivery vehicles.

RoadDB’s technology, aimed at series production vehicles:

  • Covers everywhere RoadDB-equipped vehicles drive
  • Is continuously updated from road data generated by RoadDB-equipped vehicles
  • Uses sensors that are already in the vehicle for other functions
  • Is updated over the air
RoadDB Data