Products: Road Data

RoadDB provides generation and delivery of its road data product for advanced ADAS features and automated driving systems.

The RoadDB software generates highly accurate and detailed CAD-like road data for all roads and road classes worldwide. The RoadDB road data is probed continuously to always be kept fresh.

RoadDB’s patented, innovative approach creates a feedback loop between the RoadDB software in vehicles traveling on the road network and the RoadDB server software. The in-vehicle software observes the static road and its infrastructure, then reports differences between the observed environment and the RoadDB road data in the vehicle. The RoadDB server software interprets the difference reports from multiple vehicles, then generates updated RoadDB road data. This includes all the objects of the static road and its surroundings as well as a reliability rating for each object. RoadDB’s reliability-rated road data is delivered to the vehicle for use by vehicle control software via generic and customized APIs and for the next cycle of probing/updating.

RoadDB Data